953: Nollentonk

My second test fold from a book by Tetsuya Gotani, this time a “Nollentonk”:


I say “Nollentonk”, only because my sister, when young, used to call elephants nollentonks – not sure why.

nollentonk views

This lovely folding sequence carefully hides white right until the emergence of the tusks via a clever colour change. The morphology of the model emerges as distinctly elephantine fairly early on and some of the moves that isolate features are delicious.

nollentonk development folds

Folded from a 65cm square of duo Kraft (white/natural), and I think I could have easily gone smaller. The shaping of the front legs are my only real concern – the neck/ear attachment forces the tusks out over the trunk nicely but in trying to get it all to co-exist with the shaped front legs, it suggests that a tissue-foil solution might be a good idea.

nollentonk scale

I must fold this again, a little smaller, it is very satisfying with very few subjective moves, some lovely emergent geometry and a culmination in technique that, although it is not a beginners fold, is still fairly easy to follow. (I hope I am not just saying this as a diagram editor, but the sequence is logical and well illustrated).

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