1004: Baby Yoda

I, like many of you eagerly awaited the Disney “Star Wars Story” The Mandalorian.

Andrés Lozano's Baby Yoda

WARNING – SACRILEGE: It started as an off-planet spaghetti western (faithful right down to the soundtrack), but quickly (for me at least) degenerated into the “baby yoda show”, garnished with some impenetrable Mando law and totally impractical helmet decisions.

Andrés Lozano's Baby Yoda development

Having folded my fair share of yodas here, here and here, I was looking forwards to the talented origami designers out there going nuts with the baby in the ill-fitting shower robe.

The best to emerge, so far is this little chap, undeniably the same species as the master, at one with the force and as cute as … a baby yoda, really.

Andrés Lozano's Baby Yoda Scale

I did not have any suitable bi-colour paper, so took some sturdy Kraft wrapping paper and painted one side moss green, the other terracotta, waited until it was dry and then gently folded this little guy (or girly? who can tell, presumably they can else where did the baby come from, right?).

Happy with my first finished fold of this (I had tried at work, but buggered up the angles, resulting in something that looked nothing like this. Let us hope designers follow Andrés Lozano’s lead and design a detailed little guy (3-finger/toe appendages for a start) – I will keep you posted.

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