1011: Foschi’s “Gecko”

I had a 12cm square of thin crisp Kraft and decided to try the Riccardo Foschi CP for his gecko. This required a 32 square grid, making resultant pleats 4mm or less each:

Riccardo Foschi's Gecko

I figured this was a good test of my accuracy, and found it quite relaxing but fiddly with my nerve-damaged hands. I am working on my CP deciphering skills, and this seemed quite straight forward.

Riccardo Foschi's Gecko development

Using some fairly standard box pleating, the legs, head and tail are fairly easily isolated. I used tweezers to tease points for the toes and a drop of MC at the neck and back legs to make the gather stay put, but I figured that was a fair tradeoff given the tiny size of the model and the springyness of the paper.

Riccardo Foschi's Gecko scale

The resultant model looks more like a skink than a gecko (we get both at our house), but it is life-size and hella cute.

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