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Eating Ireland – Diddley Dee Potatoes.

Usually, one of our organisers when planning holiday is food. That is easy with places like France where the national cuisine is known to us, but we really did not have a frame of reference for Ireland beyond potatoes. Now I know that is borderline racist, but it is what it is, we had heard … Continue reading »

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Exploring Dublin

Our last destination in Ireland was Dublin. We had a cosy apartment near the centre of the city, adjacent to shopping and transport hubs and from here we walked and bussed all around. Our first day in town we decided to join a walking tour and our guide set a cracking pace for what seemed … Continue reading »

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Crossing the Wicklow Mountains

Our drive back to Dublin, our last destination in Ireland, took us through the Wicklow Mountains. A clear, crisp day opened with blue sky – our first since arriving in Ireland and it is interesting what a psychological difference seeing sunlight can make. After packing up, getting the car out of parking and heading off, … Continue reading »

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OMG We Kilkenny ‘d

Sunday we were destined to explore Kilkenny, we awoke to rumblings and bleary drizzle. Determined to prove there is no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothes, we rugged up, waterproofed and set off. We started with a self-guided walk through Kilkenny Castle, a grand home that bears little resemblance to it’s original defensive … Continue reading »

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Crystal and Ruins

Our Saturday was spend out and about. We had decided to spend most of the day at Waterford and then visit an Abbey ruin on the way home. It was crisp, the wind was lazy, the sky was fairly uniformly light grey and we set off after a sleep in. Motorways interestingly are pretty well … Continue reading »

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Castling and Towerhousing

Being in a country with centuries of occupation by stone dwelling building peoples, one is surrounded by relics in various states of repair. We have visited grand houses on estates, ancient high rise living and fortified strongholds typical of Irish life. On our rest day, we decided to venture out after a sleep in to … Continue reading »

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Didn’t we have a lovely time, the day we went to Dingle

There are times when technology is terrific and others … well. We set “sheila” the google maps lady to take us towards the Dingle Peninsula and I am not sure what her settings are at the moment (am convinced it is ‘torment the tourist mode’) but she sent us up hill, in decreasingly smaller roads, … Continue reading »

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Lord and Lady of The Rings.

After a fabulous night sleep (you know, that perfect storm of clean sheets, firm bed, thick comforter and just enough chill to make the comforter snuggly), we awoke to another grey day in Killarney. After breakfasting and rugging up, we set off on what would be an epic car journey around the Ring of Kerry. … Continue reading »

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It’s a Trap … well, a jaunting car actually

Monday was a long day on the road. After waking from a less broken sleep at our digs in Ennis, we breakfasted, packed and set off for Listowel via Foynes. To break our journey we planned a caffeine stop at the writers and literature centre at Listowel which happened to be right beside the ruined … Continue reading »

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Ireland East to West

We spent most of Saturday in transit of one form or another. After getting up early, finishing packing and just making the Waterbus to the airport, we then searched for the Air Lingus checkin and boarding gate. On being bussed to the plane we were told we would be waiting on the ground until fog … Continue reading »

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