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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Orbs, towers and globes

We woke to an alarm, after another strange night sleep, breakfasted, packed, rugged up (we learned about being cold yesterday so was determined to have enough layers to manage it today) and headed to the West Kensington district rail station, headed east to Tower Hill in time to queue for tickets to the castle known … Continue reading »

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Grocery shopping can be a tourist attraction

So far we have been grocery shopping twice. First time was a small suburban Tesco Express; similar in size to a suburban 7Eleven but I must say much better stocked. Australian 7Eleven’s seem to have aisles after aisles of junk foods like chips, sweet and biscuits. In the Tesco Express we found small ranges of … Continue reading »

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The wheels on the bus go round and round…

We awoke blearily after a strange nights sleep following our epic transit and had a comforting breakfast.Packed lunch, water, fruit and headed to the train station to catch a commuter train to Green Park to join up with the “Big Bus” hop off/hop on again tour service that does all day circuits of the city. … Continue reading »

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We’re not in Kansas anymore Jojo

Posted a day late – forgive me avid readers (lol) but I was too tired to think yesterday, sorry. I am not sure what I was expecting when landing in Heathrow, London but I am sure that was not it. I guess the airport is old but seemed disjointed and grubby, no distinct style – … Continue reading »

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The more I travel, the more I dislike the mass transit systems – sure they serve a necessary purpose and process huge amounts of people in sterile, vanilla sorts of ways but the waiting areas and tiny seats of cattle class are no fun at all. This has always struck me as odd given how … Continue reading »

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What will we be reading

I am a fast reader; Peter is a slow reader. He has chosen 4 books to read while we are away. I knew I needed a larger supply. I decided to research some novels to get me in the mood for each of our travel destinations as well as some transit reading. This is the … Continue reading »

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Our bags are packed…ready to go…

In a moment of self control, we finally got our suitcases, travel bags and other container paraphernalia together in anticipation of the test-pack Now our reasoning originally was to “try” to fit everything into one suitcase that was nested in the other suitcase, then sort of expand when we get to the UK to make room for all the stuff we … Continue reading »

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