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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Didn’t we have a lovely time, the day we went to Dingle

There are times when technology is terrific and others … well. We set “sheila” the google maps lady to take us towards the Dingle Peninsula and I am not sure what her settings are at the moment (am convinced it is ‘torment the tourist mode’) but she sent us up hill, in decreasingly smaller roads, … Continue reading »

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Lord and Lady of The Rings.

After a fabulous night sleep (you know, that perfect storm of clean sheets, firm bed, thick comforter and just enough chill to make the comforter snuggly), we awoke to another grey day in Killarney. After breakfasting and rugging up, we set off on what would be an epic car journey around the Ring of Kerry. … Continue reading »

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It’s a Trap … well, a jaunting car actually

Monday was a long day on the road. After waking from a less broken sleep at our digs in Ennis, we breakfasted, packed and set off for Listowel via Foynes. To break our journey we planned a caffeine stop at the writers and literature centre at Listowel which happened to be right beside the ruined … Continue reading »

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Ireland East to West

We spent most of Saturday in transit of one form or another. After getting up early, finishing packing and just making the Waterbus to the airport, we then searched for the Air Lingus checkin and boarding gate. On being bussed to the plane we were told we would be waiting on the ground until fog … Continue reading »

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Venetian Food Trail

Our memories of the last trip to Venice were of walking miles on uneven cobbles and that certainly has been reinforced by this trip. Transport options around the city are few – you walk, use a waterbus, hire a water taxi or hire a gondola. These options are arranged in order of cost, meaning you … Continue reading »

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A Day On The Lagoon – Lace and Glass

Wednesday was wet, we sort of knew it would be as we have been monitoring the weather via an app for weeks now (thankful snow has buggered off). We bought a 48hr waterbus ticket, such good value as it allows you to hop on and off at will instead of paying the €7.5 for each … Continue reading »

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Venetian Food and Culture

Any viewers of another culture take snapshots or impressions that they contextualise using their own cultural biases. For Australians, European culture generally seems so exotic, with such a history of culinary tradition and art history to draw upon it is little wonder we perceive the richness with awe and wonder. When we travel, we like … Continue reading »

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I think the best word to explain Venice is ‘Tidal’. Let me explain in a number of contexts. Obviously Venice is located in an estuarine lagoon, nominally called a group of islands, in truth this city is a cluster of reinforced platforms that are built upon piles driven deep into the underlying mud. Already close … Continue reading »

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Volare And A Little Bit Doge-y

One of many reasons we chose this apartment is the fact that we are on a “block” that gondoliers use to cruise tourists around the canals. This leg they like the acoustics and much of the day we can hear guitar, singing, piano accordion and at 4pm some douche motors past with 80s Italopop blaring. … Continue reading »

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Return to Venice

With work over, the agonising wait to leave for holidays began. We had done a ‘test pack’ then reasoned that it made no sense to remove everything again so stayed packed from Wednesday eve. Our run was a little rushed at the end (partly because we were previously so organised) but we got to the … Continue reading »

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