I am trying to get my brain back – the term has been brutal so I decided some paper therapy was in order. I originally folded this model back in 2011, on tiny paper, and the resultant mess was posted as part of that year’s 365 challenge.

I had vowed to re-fold it with better paper, and I decided to do that today.

Pegasus - a proud horsie

I cut a 50cm of pearl coloured Lithography paper, and carefully followed an instruction set that only lasted 103 steps or so (quite quick for a Kamiya model).

I love how this horse seems to emerge from an otherwise non-descript tangle, with glorious and sensibly placed, appropriately muscled wings.

Pegasus, wing view

The pose is dynamic, and (apart from a couple of spots of white glue to stabilise gaping seams – shhhh) pretty well complete at the end, it is a masterwork in design. I learned a LOT re-folding this, and value the accuracy I think I now have (for the most part). Instructions suggested 25cm paper – I cannot imagine attempting to model the features of this at that scale.

Pegasus scale

I will continue with Kamiya designs for the moment – they are challenging, require you to be in the moment and are ingeniously sequenced – really satisfying folding if you have the skill set to follow along.

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