1055: Hermann the Hermit

Looking for something to de-stress and unwind to after a brutal term, I turned to “The Works of Satoshi Kamiya II”, and a model that I was astonished to find I had never tried – his hermit crab:

Satoshi Kamiya's Hermit Crab face to face

Starting with a 70cm square of natural/white Kraft paper, the fold was challenging as you allocate one side of the sheet to the crab, the other to the shell. Via a fabulous fold sequence, you tease legs, claws, antennae, eyes and mouthparts while delicately colour-changing the rear and then spiralling a shell as his home.

Satoshi Kamiya's Hermit Crab  views

This is, (der), genius design – I always am amazed with Kamiya designs, and the elegance of the developmental sequence – as if the journey is every bit as delightful as the destination.

Satoshi Kamiya's Hermit Crab in development

This is not a beginner fold, and a few years back it would have been beyond me. Happy to say this little crabby fellow (or lady – who apart from them can tell?) is delightful in my eyes.

Satoshi Kamiya's Hermit Crab scale

I must comb through the other Kamiya collections I have, looking for un-tried folds as there is nothing quite like these in design terms, and they require you to be totally in the moment, concentrating and keeping your eye on the end goal – each fold has later consequences so you need to get them right and accurate early on else it will be an un-finishable mess later.

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