1. minh bao arsenal

    Can u show me better the boat structure it very hard to understand
    And i have trouble with it a lot and i cant figure it out

    • I sort of improvised with the boat to be honest – I could not find any guides on how it should look – the sails take care of themselves but I managed to gently wrestle the tangle below into a boat-like shape by first fashioning a cup-like depression and then smoothing and forming. Had I used MC I am sure it would have been much nicer but apart from the wire there were no other fixatives used on that model by me

  2. Sieb

    Hello Wonko,
    I know this topic is pretty old but do you still have any better pictures of the CP you made for this? That model is awesome, and I’d love to fold it! I was planning to make such a CP as yours, but now I sée it already excists!

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