652: (102/365) Sleep In

Now you are set to sleep in, for the first time in ages right? Your neighbour, bless him, decides this morning is the time to chainsaw and woodchip the hedgerow:

As amusing as this sounds, this actually happened to me this morning. Coincidentally I had just completed Fernando Gilgado’s “Sleeping In” model – seems the universe was conspiring against me.

This clever bi-colour model sculpts sleeper, bed and sheets form a single sheet, cleverly using sections of colour and white appropriately.

Folded large (because last time I folded a Gilgado person model it was too small to form the features properly), I used a sheet of pink 50cm large format Daiso paper and for the most part it held up pretty well. Some sections that require reversing multiple times showed signs of fatigue but fortunately they were hidden as the model developed.


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