986: Meta

I love meta – that examination of self-reference is great brain food, and this fold designed by Neelish Kumar fits nicely into that philosophical space:

Neelish Kumar's Origamist Nightmare

Nominally named “Origamist’s Worst Nightmare”, it is a place I have been – being so into a model at the expense of the materials, having it disintegrate in my hands as I work it.

The more observant of you will notice a despairing folder, paper ripped along a much-worked crease. Look closer, the crease pattern is Eric Joisel’s “Dwarf“, a particular favourite that I have ruined many a sheet mastering.

Neelish Kumar's Origamist Nightmare views

There is a lot to love about this model. While being fairly conventional box pleating (gridded collapse, mostly on 45 degrees), the level of detail here is lovely – face with hair, soulful eyes, nose, grimace and chin. Body with tshirt and coat, kneeling jeans and folded sheet, all from one uncut square.

Neelish Kumar's Origamist Nightmare view

Another level of meta – the face is based on Joisel’s face structure (a Joisel folding a Joisel … like the “birth” and “self-made-man” studies by Joisel).

Neelish Kumar's Origamist Nightmare CP

This fold arises from a “Crease Pattern” based on a 40×40 grid Neelish shared on Fakebook – I am not good at solving CPs so this was a fabulous exercise.

Neelish Kumar's Origamist Nightmare development

Helpfully, Neelish indicated mountains and valleys – most published CPs do not indicate M/Vs, and there is an art in “solving” them and working out how to perform the collapse and shaping – something I am still learning.

I like this a lot, I have been this guy, fab design, fun fold, terrific procrastination material.

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