988: Ramen

Sometimes, just sometimes, it has to be noodles – rice or wheat, in broth, that are schlurped while way too hot, because … reasons:

Ramen bowl

I saw a crease pattern (CP) by Jinjang on an origami Discord I frequent and (in the season of justifiable procrastination) had to fold it.

Ramen CP

I think there are errors on the CP, as I found I needed to adjust crease lines to properly form the bowl, and would probably manage the colour of the lip differently next time, but as a first fold this was a really interesting exercise.

Ramen inside bowl

One sheet, bowl, noodles and chopsticks, all with controlled colour changes – amazing yet simple.

Ramen view

Folded with a scrap of white/natural Ikea Kraft duo paper, I know I must re-fold this so it is tidier, but will wait until I have more time.

This fold made me hungry … Ramen Time!

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