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Posted September 21st, 2010 by wonko


When I should have been busy marking, and other good teachery things, I found the virtual world a great place to just … do … stuff.

Sure, there is plenty to do – the cybernauts are entering the “build” phase of the investigation, so there is a real need for tutorial areas, exemplar builds and the like.

Lego for "Big Kids"

Lego for "Big Kids"

So I began shackling stuff together, to show how it can be done, tried to think through the process I use when building, and how that would translate for a noob.

Market Place and Roman Ruin takes shape

Market Place and Roman Ruin takes shape

The Cybernauts have been in, the Roman Villa and associated ruins are taking shape, we now have a market square, bath house, grand house, other assorted buildings – some are really getting into the spirit of the challenge, others are puddling away in “Sky City” – bottom line it does not matter where they practice to build, so long as they do. I even FILMED a walkaround for your viewing pleasure  retrowalkaround

I got a little narky – wondered if, with a little careful scaling and rotating it would be possible to make a familiar building … 20 minutes later:

Opera in Da House

Opera in Da House

…a 1/4 scale version of the main concert hall roof structure (I love this place in the real world) – buggered if this does not solve a problem I was wrestling with over on Sci Prime – the roofline of my Observatory will be these familiar sails I think. We shall see.

The Object Catalog is gradually coming together, with a team of patient people popping and screen-grabbing objects for it over on SomaIII, will be seriously hoopy when done:

Object Cataloguers

Object Catalogers

4 people working at a time, huge job (thousands of objects to index), progress being made, all good.

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