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…iObject 0.9b

October 30th, 2010

…so we had an immediate need to provide an in-world object catalog for builders, and the conventional “object yard” is not something I want to so, so we are looking into database solutions For weeks, LP staff popped objects and screen captured images, carefully naming them. I then (laboriously) categorised them and eliminated duplicated (historical […]

iProcrastinate 1.01b

September 21st, 2010

…lol When I should have been busy marking, and other good teachery things, I found the virtual world a great place to just … do … stuff. Sure, there is plenty to do – the cybernauts are entering the “build” phase of the investigation, so there is a real need for tutorial areas, exemplar builds […]

Clothing hacking …

August 15th, 2010

…so when you make something in Wings3D, the geometry forms a VERTEX (or 3d point) cloud. It’s solidity is comprised of polygons that are the result of the correct sequence of this “join the dots” to make FACETS that can then have visual properties of colour, texture, specularity, reflectivity, opacity and so on applied to […]

Now this idea occurred to me after a cybernaut (thanks Mitchell) sheepishly took me to a place where he thought other cybernauts had done something naughty – let me explain. When you clone an object from one that already exists (the first step in Activeworld building), you get to choose the n-s, w-e and the […]

Objects of desire…

March 21st, 2010

…now it puzzled me that our brand new, shiny world, kept referring back to – not that I have anything against aw (far from it, they have been incredibly supportive to the n00b that is me).  It seemed strange to me that all world geometry appeared to be coming from them – when EQ […]