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iProcrastinate 1.01b

September 21st, 2010

…lol When I should have been busy marking, and other good teachery things, I found the virtual world a great place to just … do … stuff. Sure, there is plenty to do – the cybernauts are entering the “build” phase of the investigation, so there is a real need for tutorial areas, exemplar builds […]

So I have begun making a zone specifically for noobs, builder noobs in particular and it struck me how complicated building with any sort of quality actually is. I figured I should start with a gimmick, so dived into Wings3d (a favorite mesh editor) and sculpted a HAMMER and a SPANNER – nothing says construction […]

n00bs, gotta love ’em

April 18th, 2010

… you land on this foreign planet, right, and you are the visitor, so what do you need to know? That question is an interesting one – in a 3D world there is LOTS that you can know but what do you NEED to know. context: punters are students years p-7, and their teachers, and […]