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One issue with a “world” is the global settings – particularly lighting. Now if you are outside, this is fine, you would consistently want the sun/moon in the one place [although a multi-sun world might represent a challenge still]. The ambient light [that which generally soaks everything non-directionally and the directional light that originates from […]

Movers and shakers

January 23rd, 2010

I am working on a bunch of ideas, but common things like “airlocks” and doors are the first to get a guernsey. In our homebase, we will need airlocks – little intermediary chambers in between sectors. There are a bunch of building primitives, so i made an elongated tunnel, purloined a “fence” segment [looked sort of industrial] […]

Across the universe

January 11th, 2010

So it is now time to consider the multiverse, or more particular the universe as it is defined by this new world… Now it seems that Activeworlds offers licenses that enable a number of different configurations – “World” [hosted or not] which are a separate private place up to “Universe” which allows multiple worlds, remote […]

Dome a dozen

December 27th, 2009

… so, I imagine ‘Offworld Homebase’ to be a cluster of geodesic domes in a desolate crater [anyone who has seen the Dr Who episode “Water of Mars” will get the idea] – the problem is I do not know how to  make a geodesic dome. To the CDROM in the sky called the interweb, […]

Forums and some telly

December 22nd, 2009

…so I was at a loose end, nothing on the telly so I thought I would make my own television – and a wide-screen slate-based [continuing the rock-based theme] telly in Wonkyhenge seemed like a good idea. Lacking anything interesting to watch, I turned the “picture” property of a ‘picture type’ object [they have a […]