612: (62/365) Minecraft Golden Snitch

Potter Nerds and Minecraft Nerds unite, for I present to you a “Minecraft” style cubey golden snitch:

This buzzy little bugger would be difficult to catch in a full on game of Quidditch indeed. This is Riccardo Foschi’s “CuBird”, an interesting little CP that collapses with a little wrangling to make a lovely little cube and enough paper to fan out a quite solid set of wings.

I imagine using thinner paper would result in a tidier result – the foil-backed paper I used was really thick and impossible to photograph at night because it was so shiny, sorry.

Riccardo has a bunch of fun-looking models with CPs published, I must explore them some more as my CP rendering skills are not as good as I would like them to be.

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