818: (268/365) Simple Bat

Amazed as I was with the postal response rate from Origamishop.com in France, my “Drawing Origami Tome 2” hardcover arrived before I got back from holidays. It is full of models for me to try, this is the first one in the book:

A simple bat, made for duo paper, it looks a little more like the “bat signal” from classic batman days, but is none the less cute. Continue reading

804: (254/365) Daniela Caboni’s Yin and Yang

The principle of Yin and Yang is a fundamental concept in Chinese philosophy and culture in general dating from the third century BCE or even earlier. This principle is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites, for example female-male, dark-light and old-young:

Right now I am trying to balance rest with exhaustion due to a punishing marking schedule. The Yang is winning over the Yin at the moment. Continue reading

766: (216/365) Horsie

The knight is the most awkward of the court pieces at times, with it’s trademark “L” shaped move:

I play reverse chess with a mate (*waves to Winston O’Boogie*) – the aim of reverse chess is to LOSE everything but the king. I find the Knight useful in this game indeed. Continue reading

754: (204/365) Gaff’s Blade Runner Chicken

My top 5 movies of all time includes the Sci-Fi classic “Blade Runner”. A couple of times during the movie, to confirm a character’s opinion of Deckard’s actions, his sidekick “Gaf” left an origami figure:

One was actually folded by the actor (Edward James Olmos) – a gum wrapper was fashioned into a Chicken. He said he did this as a way of staying in the scene without pulling focus, apparently the Director, Ridley Scott, noticed it and included it in the scene to counterpoint the main characters reluctance to get himself into danger, which later he does anyway. Continue reading

746: (196/365) Fairly Bloody Long Walk

My lovely daughter walked for charity last year and I was so proud of her (secretly regretting not doing it with her). This year, the same walk is on offer at, thankfully, at a much cooler time of year so we are both walking “The Bloody Long Walk” in early August:

Today, as part of our prep we did a fairly bloody long walk, from Brighton to Redcliffe and back again to see how far it is (apparently about 26km according to Google).

I returned to an Origami master – Akira Yoshizawa – his little person, made from the frog base is genius – spirit of the subject, glorious simplicity and I managed to fold it in my state after today’s test walk. Continue reading

733: (183/365) Panda

Matt and Alix came over for lunch, so nice to have their company (BLATs and an amazing, experimental chocolate souffle):

We ate, talked, played Takenoko – a board game about Pandas and bamboo farming, such cute imagery. I want to say I won, but I played and did my best – that is always good enough. Continue reading

724: (174/365) School Holidays!

After a brutally busy term, it is time to recharge, dance a little, be thankful for the good things that surround you:

This is Jeremy Shafer’s “The Dancers” – a charming little pleating exercise that takes a square (in this case a 15cm Japanese foil square) and, via a clever set of collapses, isolates 2 people, joined at the hand. Continue reading