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Grand Design …

August 14th, 2010

So I raised [or does that mean demolished?] a mountain range to the south of the visitors centre on SciPrime with the express intention of building a science-based activity centre there. I elevated plateaus, ridges and sculpted ravines so it would be interesting terrain – incidentally it is the MOST fun place to drive over […]

Nexus VI …

July 30th, 2010

It was suggested (thanks DJ) that when cybernauts first connect to the syntheverse (called MyWorld … an increasing misnomer) if they do not have permissions on the first contact world, then they end up in a sort of “limbo” where there is nothing but white, and no one can hear you type “scream!”). Naturally, this is […]

Who’s got the power?

March 31st, 2010

Year of sustainability and all I got to thinking about power sources on SciPrime. One of the power generation plants, an old-school installation is a fission reactor, so I decided to make one … problem is I have no idea what they might look like. I figured, future, high tech, these things would be safe, […]

Give me land, lots of land…

February 28th, 2010

…so our UniServer is finally up, and there are four pristine worlds awaiting purposing. Scientia Prime (SciPrime or Sci’) is the first cab off the rank – our “Off-World” base camp and a “Science Outpost” will be located on this barren red planet. So the current “Caretaker” (me) got my Avatar on (something perverse in me […]

One issue with a “world” is the global settings – particularly lighting. Now if you are outside, this is fine, you would consistently want the sun/moon in the one place [although a multi-sun world might represent a challenge still]. The ambient light [that which generally soaks everything non-directionally and the directional light that originates from […]