990: They come at night … mostly

I will admit to being a sci-fi nerd, few movies did it for me like the original “Alien” movie, directed by Ridley Scott, designed by Hans Reudi Geiger.

The truly original mixture of a genuinely terrifying xenomorph, claustrophobic and grimy working space ship and stellar cast makes the movie, at least in my mind, perfect.

Donny_Origami's facehugger

Prior to that, space was clean (painfully white and tidy, according to the Star Wars, Blakes7, Flash Gordon and Dr Who visions), in Alien gear looked used, people were pissed off and tired, and we were introduced to a much loved and never duplicated alien.

Donny_Origami's facehugger attack

H.R. Geiger imagined a life-cycle – from egg, to facehugger (this beastie) that implants an embryo deep in a host, chest burster through to adult killing machine. Scarily insectoid, acid for blood, no eyes, perfect.

Donny_Origami's facehugger development

I have folded Makoto Anzai’s “Face Hugger” and Fernando Gilgado’s, but I think the shape and general morphology of this model is superior. Designed as a CP by Donny_Origami, a folder that frequents an origami Discord I am also a member of.

Donny_Origami's facehugger scale

Using MC I was able to pose the model, stabilise it’s many parts and it seems to have brought it to life. This model was folded from a CP, and parts of that CP seem redundant – indicated complicated transition units were unnecessary in the collapse (in my experience), and the tail is disappointingly short. I was hoping to fold this “life size”, but you would need a truly HUGE bit of paper for that (this was folded from a 70cm square of white/natural Ikea Kraft paper.

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