Showing Off

Our school has large display cases. I have kilograms of origami at home, in showboxes, tidy tubs, cupboards, garbage bags and display cases … one thing led to another:

library display 2019

My aim with this display to to show the variety of forms modern Origami takes, from traditional, figurative, geometry and abstract. Additionally I have included 14 different dragons, a current fascination – can you find them all?

I feature some of my favourite pieces, designed by legends such as Satoshi Kamiya, Robert Lang, Eric Domaine, Francis Ow, Ronald Koh, Kade Chan, Eric Joisel, Brian Chan, Jason Ku and more.

Most of the pieces are single sheet folds, but there are some stunning modulars resent as well.

library display 2019

I have heard ooohs and ahhs, and hope that leads to more kids being fold-curious. It really is an accessible art these days with the huge variety of video tutorials and online resources and the plethora of books available now days.

library display 2019

I look at the cabinets, and get a little woozy – hundreds of hours messing with paper … if only he had used his skills for good, instead of evil.

library display 2019

Lol, I heard a hardcore gamer say “How sad, such a waste of time doing all that folding” – look kid, at least I end up with something at the end other than RSI and a bunch of haters complaining about my lack of dances I have “won” in battles. Lol. The world is full of every type of person.

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